Destiny Panorama Image Gallery And Alpha Gameplay Details

Bungie considers the alpha a huge success, but is already talking of making some necessary changes – such as tweaking the Galahad-C.

We have a new batch of details for Bungie’s open world shooter Destiny, as it creeps closer and closer to Beta.

The alpha went very well, with all the limitations taken into account. Bungie was happy to let the game speak for itself, and as you may have heard online, buzz was positive, although there were complaints that at this point, the game is pretty by-the-numbers.

Speaking of the alpha, the Galahad-C was quite OP, as some alpha players attest, but it will get tweaked down, to Galasad levels, in the final product. This is something that just has to happen, for the sake of the overall game.

You can vault gear between Guardians that you control, but you players will not be able to trade gear with each other. Quite simply, the weapons in Destiny have to be earned, as Bungie has set it up so that they could each be treated like trophies that tell your personal story.

Certain enemies are weak to certain weapons. For convenience sake, this has all been color coded. Enemies with a specific shield color are prey to a particular element.

Names are tied up to your Xbox Live or PSN handle. Yes, seriously. If you want a different name up on Destiny’s servers, you’ll have to change that handle on their end, not Bungie’s. Notably, though, when Bungie answered this question, they didn’t bring up the topic of one player using multiple characters.

So, for example, enemies with red shields are weak to solar damage, while enemies with blue shields are weak to arc damage.

Here’s some good news for the community; no secrets in the beta. Yep, Bungie wants you Destiny players to stream and share as much of the game as possible. Of course, they’re hoping you will share bug reports too.

If you want a specific banner for your clan, you need to reserve your group name ASAP. Bungie reserves the right to deal with squatters by changing squatted names to unsavory ones.

Finally, you can check out these panoramic screenshots of several areas for the game. Click the gear on the top right to view or download these at full resolution. Destiny is coming September 9 to Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.