Hyrule Warriors: Agitha the Bug Princess Summons Giant Insects in Her Debut Video

The gothic lolita from Twilight Princess also swings a mean parasol.

The are no shortage of combat-capable characters in Zelda lore who would fit right at home in Koei Tecmo's Hyrule Warrios. Still, it's the dark horse inclusions in games such as these that get people talking, and people are most certainly talking about Agitha. Hailing from Twilight Princess, Agitha is a self-proclaimed "bug princess" who probably should not be fighting for any reason whatsover, yet here she is!

In her debut trailer, Agitha swings her parasol around, calls forth giant insects from summoning circles, and generates butterfly wings to take to the skies. Koei Tecmo seems to have done a decent job adapting her attributes for use in battle, which only makes us more curious about what other unexpected candidates will fill out the game's roster.

Hyrule Warriors will slash onto Wii U on September 26.