Spencer Reveals His Xbox One Killer App, Kinect Still in Future Plans

Xbox boss also touches on what’s next for Rare.

The original Xbox launched with Halo: Combat Evolved while the first Gears of War was released early in the Xbox 360's life cycle both of these games in many ways defined their respective console but what will be the first all-time first party Xbox One classic? 

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says Insomniac Game's Sunset Overdrive could very well be that game when it launches later this year. Speaking to Metro UK, Spencer commented: 

"I think Sunset Overdrive’s gonna do that this holiday. That’s not launch I’ll grant you but it’s still less than a year in."

He also said he was proud of Forza 5, pointing to that game's 1080p and 60fps performance, and said that while Ryse: Son of Rome did not generate fantastic review scores user response was generally positive and the game sold well. Spencer also noted that Forza Horizon 2 and Halo: The Master Chief Collection are first party titles heading to Xbox One this year. 

Elsewhere in the interview, Spencer was asked about Kinect following the release of the sensor-less SKU last week and the fact that neither Microsoft nor Ubisoft mentioned 'Kinect' during their press conferencess. Mentioning games like FRU, #IDARB, Dance Central, and Fantastic: Music Evolved, Spencer said: 

"Kinect is critical to our long term success. It is a differentiator for our platform. I think the idea that every game is going to turn into a purple-boxed game that’s a Kinect exclusive game was maybe [laughs] not the future. And I don’t think the future that we really want. We’ve got games that I think use Kinect in a natural way or they choose not to."

While Microsoft has fewer first party studios than Sony or Nintendo, Rare is one of the most notable and their most games have all been for Kinect. Regarding what's next for the UK studio in this Kinect-free Xbox One era, Spencer said: 

"We’re having conversations right now about what Rare’s gonna do next. I think it’s important that the studio finds something that they’re passionate about, and that’s what I’ve always seen lead to the best success."

The Xbox One Japanese Day One Edition, which includes TItanfall and Rare's Kinect Sports Rivals, was revealed yesterday.