Kingdom Hearts 3 Fundamentally Changes The Series, Dev’t Progressing Nicely

No release date, but progress has gone without any hitches so far.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 dev Tai Yasue shared a little insight on the release and development of Kingdom Hearts 3.

This was in context of being asked about Kingdom Hearts 1.5’s and Kingdom Hearts 2.5’s release dates, at March 2013 and October 2, 2014 respectively. Yasue affirms that this was all deliberate, and thankfully, they have not run into any roadblocks with development so everything is right on schedule.

After Yasue expressed relief at their brisk pace, he was then asked if there would also be little wait between Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

Yasue says he can make no promises regarding Kingdom Hearts 3’s release. He explains that the game introduces a fundamental change in the franchise, which has required them to do extensive research, but at least for the moment, their ideas and content are progressing nicely. He confirms this includes what new Disney worlds the game will explore next.

Finally, Yasue reaffirms that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be a definite end to the game’s ongoing arc, The Dark Seeker Chronicles.

We’ll make sure to share more information on Kingdom Hearts 3, including a final release date, as it is revealed. The game will be released for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.