New DOTA 2 Phishing Scheme Is Afoot

Players should always remember not to give out their passwords. Details on the scam are below.

Today we send out fair warning to DOTA 2 players: a new phishing scheme is afoot.

The scam involves website steamonlinereward(dot)webs(dot)com. They promise ‘Steam Online Rewards’  in keys and Arcana, but to get there, you need to share your Yahoo login, including your username and password. Once the information has been provided, you’ll get a prompt that they will be getting back to you.

The danger here, of course, is account harvesting; either acquiring your account wholesale, or using it to gain valuable in-game items via the trading screen.

As always, Steam recommends you never share your password to anyone, and that you should not click links you do not know, even if they’re from your friends list, if they come from unknown or untrusted sources. You can get more tips and assistance in keeping your Steam account secure here.