Battlefield Hardline Beta Coming to Xbox One Eventually

The beta will definitely make an appearance but with some variations.

DICE told Total Xbox that the beta for Battlefield Hardline will be coming to Xbox One and other platforms eventually and they won't be the same versions. 

"We will have a beta on on all platforms before release," DICE's General Manager Karl-Magnus Troedsson told the publication during an interview at E3. "But it won't be this beta on Xbox. It's not going to be the same version, just to be clear."

It's interesting to see that the betas in each platform will vary in versions. It would be nice to see different maps and modes when people try the game out in different systems. 

The Battlefield Hardline was officially announced during EA's E3 press conference and players were able to try out the game on the PlayStation 4 and the PC ahead of time. 

It's important to remember that Visceral will be developing the single-player and multiplayer campaigns for Battlefield Hardline this time around. 

Battlefield Hardline will be released on october 21st for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 , Xbox 360, and Xbox One.