Mass Effect 4: Hidden Secrets Uncovered From The First Trailer

Fan theories are all over the place, and they are interesting.

Fans have chimed in with multiple theories and reveals on what they saw in the E3 Mass Effect trailer.

1st off, the image of the galaxy map seems to have been taken as a sign the new game could be an MMO. This fan seems to think the world could be big like SWTOR big, thanks to the character’s size relative to the railings, and subsequently, the map.

Of course, other fans were quick to ‘correct’ the 1st commenter, claiming Bioware had already claimed it would not be an MMO. Others also argue how MMOs in general don’t work on consoles, so it would be a bad choice.

Other fans are also wondering if the race shown in the trailer could be Krogan or Raloi. Some fans seemed to really like what they saw, or I should say, heard in that appearance.

Here’s another interesting theory:  rather than a different galaxy, the next Mass Effect is exploring more of the known Milky Way Galaxy, using more Mass Relays. This fan actually conceived of a believable scenario where this could be possible. As a commenter to this theory pointed out, it would effectively make you Captain Kirk (I prefer Janeway myself).

 Yet another fan holds Bioware to their word, specifically, words about going to new places, with new characters. He believes this confirms the game will be a sequel rather than a prequel, and  the roar indicates races like the Krogan are making a comeback.

Another fan believes he saw a grisly thing in the game: a Reaper, either dead or dying, and possibly decomposing. You can take a better look at it below.

This fan has even more screenshots, which, for the sake of brevity, we’re not all resharing here. Not a complete theory but he seems to have some interesting theories as well.

What do you make of the Mass Effect E3 trailer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.