Sony’s Shu Yoshida Loves Indies, No Man’s Sky

Shuhei shoots the moon on Sony’s own projects and what he liked out of E3.

Shuhei Yoshida shot the moon for a few minutes to talk about the games he loved on Sony’s E3 showroom floor.

Shuhei got started by gushing about From Software’s upcoming exclusive, Bloodborne. He talked a bit about how the game looked beautiful, and, of course, had a lot of blood in it. He acceded that the creature design was impressive, and they wanted to show more if not for PR rules.

When it came to the games that were out in E3, No Man’s Sky was 1st in his mind. Shuhei also took a moment to mention Project Morpheus, as well as Surgeon Simulator for PS4. He was also reminded about The Assembly, which he just tweeted about, and a new Morpheus demo for a luge game, which can feel scary because of how convincing it is.

Shuhei expresses once again his enthusiasm for VR. He indicated that it allows you to experience something you never thought that you could.

They also talked about The Order: 1886, and Shuhei admits he hasn’t seen the E3 presentation yet but he has seen fans getting excited for it. Shuhei then comments that another game getting attention, Driveclub, may look good, but is also very challenging, in a good way.

Shuhei effuses about his passion for indies, and how No Man’s Sky is his favorite on those indies on the E3 floor thus far.

The interview ends with their reveal for LittleBigPlanet 3, which surprised a lot of people. Among the new characters, Shuhei found a lot of women telling him about his affinity for Toggle.

Shuhei ends by promising new stuff for Gamescom and TGS, and their intent to always have something exciting to show in each of their events. You can watch the interview below.