Batman: Arkham Knight New Story & Gameplay Details

Arkham Knight and Batmobile define what the game will be like.

We have a batch of new confirmed details on Batman: Arkham Knight.

First off, there are a batch of new screenshots of the game, one of which shows off Arkham Knight’s army. Just so you know, Arkham Knight does not just employ any group of thugs or gangsters, his people are a literal military unit.

There’s also details on the dialogue Arkham Knight has with other villains which seem to heavily imply that the Arkham Knight is Jason Todd. In a conversation with Scarecrow, Scarecrow asks him why he hates Batman so much, but the Knight says he wouldn’t understand. In another scene, the Knight instructs his army not to shoot Batman’s symbol, the most covered part of his costume.  Obviously, both statements imply a close familiarity with Bruce. We also now know for sure, Todd or not, that Arkham Knight bears a huge personal grudge vs Batman.

We learn more about the FEAR takedowns and how they make sense in the narrative. Basically, many of the enemies Batman faces really are just thugs for hire. Unless they’re someone like the Arkham Knight, they can be intimidated and made afraid when they learn Batman is not an easy bounty. Subsequently, environment based takedowns have also been improved, so you will want to make use of them as much as possible.

The Batmobile will have two modes. Pursuit mode allows you to chase after bad guys quickly. With Battle mode, your vehicle slows down considerably, but then all the weapons come out.  You can think of the Batmobile as a gadget as much as a means of transportation. In fact, you will need to use it enter some closed areas.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming 2015 to Windows, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. Check out our gallery below.