Sony to Announce Project from New Studio in E3

It will come from a newly established studio named Pixel Opus.

According to an article in The New York Times, Sony will inveil an unannounced project from a new studio called Pixel Opus during this year's E3. 

"Mr. Lee helped teach a class at Carnegie Mellon University in which students built prototypes of games for the Vita, Sony’s hand-held console. Some of the students landed internships at Sony, then jobs. This month, the results of their work in concert with others at Sony is to be announced at the annual E3 trade show in Los Angeles: the first release from a new Sony studio called Pixel Opus," the article read. 

While details were not specified, it can be assumed that the game from Pixel Opus would be for the PlayStation Vita based on what the article says.

We will be reporting more on this story once we know more. However, we might just have to wait until E3 to know more about this.