Watch Dogs E3 Vs PC Release Video Shows Significant Downgrade

Particle effects and lighting took serious hits, and conspicuous changes to details abound.

A fan has made a new Watch Dogs video comparison which definitely outs the downgrade the game has received since its initial reveal.

What we are looking at is a comparison of the E3 2012 reveal trailer, and gameplay of the PC release today. As you can see, our source took pains to duplicate the E3 video as much as possible.

As you can see, the game isn’t looking as detailed as it used to. A glaring change can be seen on the ceiling lights when Aiden walks towards the theater entrance. You used to be able to see the bulbs externally, now they’re actually set inside the ceiling. There are other places where you can see considerable changes to other items and entire locations as well. How much of these changes can be attributed to randomization by the game engine? I dare say not all of them can be explained away so easily.

Attention also needs to be placed on the different particle effects, which were supposed to be handled by the game’s many different middlewares. Fog is gone from when Aiden enters the theater. Rain doesn’t make his jacket wet as much as it used to. Lighting isn’t as realistic either, although it must be said Ubi may have opted to make the overall game better lit for playability’s sake.

For those of you literally playing this game at home now, how has your experience been with it so far? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.