Killing Floor 2 New Screens, Details Revealed

The new Killing Floor has raised the stakes and leveled up the game every way you can think of.

Tripwire Interactive has shared new screenshots and details for Killing Floor 2. You can check out a gallery below, but we have new information to share too.

The game picks up from the original, placing players smack dab in a ‘specimen clone’ infested Europe. The world has failed to react to the pandemic on time, and as a result, governments and military forces have collapsed. Individuals have gone mercenary, and there are militias, to fight the clone outbreak in every place they invade.

The game ramps up the violence of the original with what it dubs a high powered persistent blood system. Characters can get their limbs torn off them, clones and player characters alike.

You can choose to face the hordes solo, Mario Van Peebles style, or recreate Dawn of the Dead and form a six person team to face them together.

The clones themselves come in new shapes and forms, and with better AI. They will be smart enough to work together to take you out, so you (and your team) need to play smart.

Weapons also come in all shapes and sizes. You get your pick of conventional weaponry, historical firearms, makeshift weapons, and ‘mad scientist’ stuff.

Perks return in the game, with experience earned placed on particular talent choices that with certain playstyles best.

Finally, the game promises to reinvent melee (like we haven’t heard that before). There will actually be several different kinds of melee attacks you can pull off, adding a new layer of strategy.

Sounds like we’re going to see some crazy talented players do all melee walkthroughs, which ought to be fun. Killing Floor 2 is coming to PC and SteamOS.