Rumor: Skyrim to Include 300 Books, 280 Perks, Missing Classic Skills & More

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Rumor has it that the upcoming Bethesda RPG will contain numerous reading materials and a slew of perks.


Dutch forum PS3inside has released some new formation about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, detailing gameplay information, content, and features. You can find a Google Translate version of the post here, but our crack team of translator cyborgs has made sense of the information for you.

  • Players can earn money by chopping up lumber, and can craft their own weapons
  • The tallest mountain in the game can be climbed, but the snowfall gets increasingly heavy as you ascend
  • The game will feature 150 dungeons, every one of which are different
  • If you're particularly interested in the back story of the Elderscrolls series, you can hunt down all 300 books in the game
  • The game will have 18 skill sets, however the Acrobatic and Athletic skills might have been removed for Skyrim
  • The skills are each indicated by a constellation of stars, and as they level up can unlock perks, of which there are 280 in the game
  • On the console version of the game, the shoulder buttons will each apply to a hand of the character
  • The melee combat is apparently very realistic, with the height of the shield being an issue as to protecting your character and judging the distance to your opponent
  • There are specific spells that can force characters/monsters/etc to run away or fight for you.