Destiny: We Look At Bungie’s Ambitions, Manifested In Its Story

Some of the ideas in this game have been percolating for over a decade. That’s a lot of time to build a world.

We have new details on the creation of Destiny. Here, we are looking at the 10 year plan Bungie set in place for the game.

As you can imagine, there’s some reticence in the company because of the scope of the project’s ambition, but of course, you could not have come up with it overnight. Some of the ideas in Destiny are themselves over a decade long, specifically, since 2002. Bungie had simply been waiting for the tech to catch up, but they had been building for that long, and as you can imagine it has been an exponentially expanding investment. As it is now, they have 500 people at work in the game.

Bungie has made a huge investment in story, apparently building the foundations and groundwork (by this we assume they are referring to building up the lore from the ground up). There can be no doubt that the studio as a whole is really excited to setting up that game world to allow players to create their own stories within that world.

To give you an idea of how story has been incorporated seamlessly into the game world, we focus on the Devil’s Lair. Opposite sides of this location have different sets of ruins for different structures, and supposedly, at the far end of one of that locations is a colony ship. However, when Bungie went back and looked at how the location panned out, they realized that it did not suit the overall story they were going for (humanity after 700 years).

Bungie’s solution was to repurpose the idea of a crashed space station as a whole. What they have is actually the size of several space stations mashed together into something more immediately digestible. The end result is a towering building that demands the player fill in the gaps themselves. In this way, players who don’t really know much about space tech today can relate to it in an immediate level.

In the end, Bungie’s plan is to make mythic science fiction, not accurate to what could possibly happen, as was the longtime domain of the likes of Arthur C. Clarke, but what can entertain, so more Star Wars.

Overall, Destiny reveals Bungie’s ambition for large scale projects. That ambition includes dropping pieces of lore, in small spots and items that you can find in the game. Bungie will share more about the game’s story in E3, and we will keep you up to date when this information surfaces.