GTA 5 DLC: Possible Apartment Locations Discovered

One perceptive user uncovered prime locations Rockstar might use for player apartments in future DLCs.

GTA Forums user JiNXX77 posted a list of locations in Grand Theft Auto 5 he or she believes to be suitable player properties in the game's online mode. The rationale behind is criteria is simply the availability of suitable front doors and accessible garage doors on buildings that are similar to what's currently available to players. 

One of the best features of Grand Theft Auto: Online is the fact that players could purchase a myriad of properties and have their own garage to store their own vehicles. This was something players could not do in the single player component, and it was a capability present in the franchise's older games. Consequently, it's quite excting to think that there could be more locations available for players to purchase.

Check out the full list of properties below, but you can check out the original post here to see a photo of each location.

Puerto Del Sol Yacht Club

This location has two main towers as well as a long, low apartment block. The club is just north of the 6 car Vespucci apartment and would be a welcome luxury addition to the marina area.


Located right next to the halfpipe in Little Seoul.

CNT Building

On the corner of Clinton Ave and Elgin Ave this building is just across the freeway from the casino. Just moments away from two Pegasus spawn points this location is sure to be a tanker favorite. The garage exits onto Elgin Ave and overlooks the freeway making access to most parts of the map very easy.

Callisto Apartments or Indiana and the Apartment of Doom

Located on Power St. in Downtown Vinewood this building has good access to the north and eastern parts of the city have an Ammunation on the corner. However, both doors to this building are in a recess surrounded by easily accessible rooftops making camping this location too easy.

Here are a couple which could be possible but less/not likely to happen.

Augury Insurance Building

Slaughter, Slaughter, and Slaughter

Schlongberg Sachs, just south of Eclipse Towers

Von Crastenburg-Richman

It’s not unheard of for the wealthy to purchase suites or floors of hotels.

A few days ago, we reported on the latest changes and addition to the game through the latest patch. If you want to check out the previous updates, we have outlined update 1.10 and1.11 in previous posts.

Grand Theft Auto V was developed and published by Rockstar Games. It was released on September 17, 2013  for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms at $59.99.