MLB 14: The Show New Video Features Stadiums

New footage of MLB 14: The Show boasts the amazing detail of its stadiums on the PlayStation 4

Today, new footage was released of MLB 14: The Show that featured the amaing detail of its stadiums on the PlayStation 4. The video emphasized how Sony's latest console allowed them to achieve several visual feats thanks to its techinal power.

In the video, no two stadiums are alike since the developer was able to add distinguishing characteristics of each one like Kansas City's glorious jumbotron and the pools of Arizona. If that's not enough, the PS4 allows the developers to create individual blades of grass and there are over 1,000 character models to bring the crowd to life. There are even kids and bat boys for the very first time.

A few days ago, we posted a comparison of MLB 14: The Show on both the PS3 and PS4. The difference is night and day and it is reminiscient of of the comparisions done for NBA 2K14. The game is already available on PS3 and PS Vita and it was released on April 1st, 2014.

MLB 14: The Show will be released on the PS4 on May 6, 2014 and it is priced at $59.99.