Assassin’s Creed 5 Story Details Leaked

Thing is, we have two sets of rumors and don’t know what to believe (although I know which one I want to be true).

We have new rumors on the setting and story details of Assassin’s Creed Comet. The thing is, we have two contradicting rumors going here! We’ll share them both and leave it to you to decide which one to believe in.

The 1st one is OP for this thread, who in turn sources their information from French gaming site GameBlog. They claim Comet is a sequel to Black Flag, dated 1758, the date Halley’s comet returned to the Atlantic Ocean. The lead character is a young Englishman named Shay. Shay is apparently to betray his old captain, Adéwale.

The 2nd rumor is an apparent screenshot of an upcoming press release, dated for March 28. You can read the apparent press release in the screenshot below, but here are the details:

Comet is being made directly under Jade Raymond, by Ubisoft’s studios in Annecy, Bucharest, Kiev, Quebec, Singapore, as well as Solia and Reflections. The game is being built on AnvilNext, and will come to Windows, PS3, and Wii U November 1 in the UK. It will also be ported on Xbox 360 and PS4.

Comet’s lead character is Eseosa, Adéwale’s grandson. He is described as an intelligent, naïve young man, who seeks out Connor for guidance and advice.

And that's all we have. Looks like some  details are obscured, because I see no reason for this game to come to Xbox One if it's going to PS4 and Wii U. If you ask me, the 2nd rumor looks way more legit, and of course, we will not have to wait that long to get confirmation on this one. This also seems to corroborate rumors that Comet is a separate game from Unity.

If the 2nd rumor is true, I know I’ll be looking forward to Jade Raymond’s next installment in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. We’ll make sure to verify if these rumors are true or not, and keep you updated on other developments.