Resplendent Chests Are Getting Buffed in Diablo 3

Coming soon to Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls are new, buffed Resplendent chests!

Players of Diablo 3 will note that Resplendent chests, found rarely and glittering with promise, are incredibly disappointing as they often yield terrible items and very little gold. Resplendent chests are no better than any other chest. 

To that end, Blizzard poster Grimiku confirmed on the Diablofans forum that they’re going to do just that by amplifying the treasure they yield. Here’s what he wrote:

“Good news about Resplendent chest! We're going to buff the treasure that they yield, so that they feel more resplendent. There's been a lot of feedback about this, and it's definitely something we've noticed while playing, too. I don't have a time frame to share on when we can expect this change to happen, though, but it's something we plan to address.”


I would go so far as to speculate that their disappointing qualities were due to the implementation of the Auction House (now shut down) and to prevent players from exploiting them by farming areas where Resplendent chests were known to appear.

Now that Legendary, high quality gems and certain crafting items are account bound, Blizzard has no reason not to give them a buff and make them feel, well, resplendent.