Ubisoft’s Snowdrop Engine Showcased in The Division’s Latest Footage

The Division is a beautiful next-gen game, and that’s thanks to the Snowdrop Engine.

It’s unclear whether or not Ubisoft’s The Division will actually be fun, but one thing that’s become absolutely clear is that the game is a real looker. Developed by Ubisoft Massive, this third-person experience is taking advantage of the breath-taking Snowdrop Engine – a piece of next-gen technology that’s hoping to streamline development.

A fresh demo of the engine running within The Division has been released during this week’s GDC event, and what it really tries to hit home is how smart developers can be using Snowdrop. Instead of using brute force and manpower to create massive, AAA games, the heart of this new engine is about simplicity. Beautiful, advanced sequences can be created with smaller teams and less struggle, and much of that process is explained in the developer dairy.

The Division is still expected to launch this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but no exact date has been given.