EA Games Web Servers Hacked to Steal Apple ID: Report

A report suggests that EA Games servers have been compromised to phish for Apple IDs.

Security company Netcraft claims that Electronic Arts, the publishing giant behind Battlefield 4, Titanfall and numerous other video games has been targeted in a string of attacks to try and steal your Apple ID and credit card details.

A blog post published by Netcraft claims that a web server owned by EA Games is hosting a phishing site asking for your Apple ID and password as well as your credit card details, date of birth, and mother’s maiden name.

The compromised server is hosted within EA's own network. Compromised internet-visible servers are often used as "stepping stones" to attack internal servers and access data which would otherwise be invisible to the internet, although there is no obvious outward facing evidence to suggest that this has happened.

Netcraft further claims that hackers may have broken into the EA Games server by exploiting vulnerabilities in an outdated version of WebCalendar software, with newer versions of the application fixing the loophole.