Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes XOF Patches Guide

No need to scrounge around for them if you don’t want to. Find out where the XOF patches are here.

This is a guide on the locations of the XOF Unit Patches in Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes. You can watch the video below this guide if you want visual cues as well.

A little backstory here: The XOF is a military group that was active in the mid ‘70s to early ‘80s. The group’s insignia was actually the FOX logo reversed. Telling you any more from here on in would be too many spoilers.

So here’s how it works. You can collect the patches while doing the main mission Ground Zeroes. You need to reach a checkpoint with the patches you collect for them to count. If you die before you save, you start over. There are nine patches all in all.

The first patch is near your starting point, at the cliffs. You just need to turn left and look around the rocks. Don’t go too far, its very close.

Get the second patch when you make your way into the camp. Open the gate, jump across the fence downwards to a small roof, jump downwards again to the ground, and lean to the left. The patch is somewhere in the rocks.

The third patch is in a fenced in area, filled with tents. Just open the gate, jump your way up to the tent roofs, until you get to the tent located left of the entrance. The patch is on that roof.

The fourth patch is on top of a guardhouse. You’ll know it by the cacti surrounding it and the dirt road leading to it. Just make your way to the guardhouse and jump the roof, you can’t miss it.

The fifth patch is in a gated area near the guardhouse. Actually, this is the prison. When you look up after getting the fourth patch, you’ll see the prison. Just keep walking across the dirt road to that gate, open it, and turn right. It’s literally in front of the gate when you step in.

The sixth patch is in the helipad. Make your way towards the middle helipad and look for a damp area. The patch will be in the middle of that puddle.

The seventh patch is again near the last one. Look around for the US flag and move towards it. When you get there, there will be a drainage tunnel to the left. Just step down to it and you’ll get the patch.

The eight patch is also nearby, but will require some moving around. Assuming you’ve turned left from the flag to get the patch, get out and make your way left until you see a red door, and go in. When you get in, there’s an exhaust chimney on top a small room to the left of you. The patch is on that chimney facing opposite you. To get there, just jump your way up using the electrical boxes in front of you.

When you get the other eight patches, you can trigger a cutscene to make the last one come out. It’s pretty simple. Get Big Boss laying on the ground and get him to roll on the floor. You do this by aiming your weapon and holding down the left analog stick. When the cutscene ends, the last patch will fall nearby you. Just pay attention and you will not miss it. It is recommended that you do this outside instead of inside a room.