Dark Souls 2 Unlimited Items Guide

Here’s how you can get every Dark Souls 2 merchant to give you unlimited items.

This is a guide on how to get a near infinitesimal amount of items on Dark Souls 2. The key here is interacting with the different merchants, and making different things happen to ‘unlock’ getting these items. Of course, this is a spoiler rich guide, so steer away if you don’t want that.

If you’re all decided, let’s go in. Note that we’ve arranged each character by alphabetical order, so you still have to figure out what order this happens in-game:

Grave Warden Agdayne:

Agdayne is in the Undead Crypt and won’t move an inch. When you get the King’s Ring, you talk to him to get his armor set. And you’re done with Agdayne, so you can kill him later (see below).

Carhillion Of The Fold:

Carhillion can be found in No Man’s Wharf. He will move to Majula later after you talk to him and kill the Flexile Sentry. He will sell you unlimited spells after getting through the Shrine of Winter, and will give you the Northern Ritual Band + 1 if you have an intelligence of 30 and above.

Stone Trader Chloanne:

Chloanne is found in Harvest Valley, until you talk to her so much she runs out of new things to say, in which case she’ll go to Majula. You can pretend it’s your fault.

About Chloanne, she’s your Titanite hookup. Get unlimited Titanite Shard by clearing Iron Keep, unlimited Large Titanite Shard by clearing Drangleic Castle, and unlimited Titanite Chunks by clearing the Undead Crypt. When you get through the final boss, Titanite becomes infinite.

Cromwell The Pardoner:

Cromwell is in the chapel in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, but he’s not easy to find. You have to look for a ladder to the right of the exit of the building to get to him. He will give you the Ring of Resistance if your Faith is at level 35 and above.

Felkin The Outcast:

Felkin is found in Huntsman’s Corpse, at the start of the game, sitting down. Bring your Intelligence and Faith above up to 20 and he will give you his Hex Set.

Lonesome Gavlan:

Gavlan is in No Man’s Wharf, Harvest Valley, and will later move to the Doors of Pharros. He sells Unlimited Poison Moss, Poison Arrows, Poison Throwing Knives, and Rotten Pine Resin.

Laddersmith Gilligan:

Gilligan will be at Earthen Peak. When you buy his ladder or beat the Boss in his scenario, he moves to Majula. He will sell you unlimited stock by default.

Blacksmith Lenigrast:

Lenigrast is in Majula and does not update, but give him 8000 souls and he’ll make it good with a hammer.

Licia of Lindelt:

Licia is in Heide’s Tower of Flame. Like Chloanne, you talk to her so much she will move, this time to the area that connects the tower to Majula. She will offer unlimited spells, and all you need to do is pass through the Shrine of Winter.

Maughlin The Armorer:

Now this is the guy you want to meet, and is likely the reason to want to get to Majula. Maughlin offers the most stuff, including stuff for beating each boss. We’ll run them down below.

Spend 1,000 souls with him and he gives you Royal Soldier Armor and Elite Armor.

Spend 16,000 souls with him and he gives you Alva’s Armor.

Talk to him after spending 16,000 souls in an undead state, and with zero souls in your inventory, and he gives you Armor of Aurous.

These bosses have armors you can get from Maughlin after beating them:

·         Smelter Demon

·         Looking Glass Knight

·         Lost Sinner

·         Throne Defender

·         Throne Watcher

Finally, he sells you the Moon Butterfly Armor if you beat all the bosses in New Game +1 and +2.

Steady Hand McDuff:

McDuff is found in Lost Bastille, key word there being you have to find him. Use firebombs and blow up the wall in his proximity. You’ll know this place because there’s a guy who rolls the barrel down. The weapons and shields he sells become unlimited in New Game +.

Merchant Hag Melentia:

Melentia is in the Forest of Fallen Giants. She too will move to Majula when you talk to her so much she rans out of new things to say, but then, she will also give you Unlimited Life Gems, so you want to do this.

She adds the Radiant Lifegem to your inventory after you clear the Lost Bastile, but this is not infinite.

Spend 10,000 Souls on her, and then talk to her to get the Covetous Silver Servant Ring +1.

Now the good stuff. Melentia will give you armor for killing people, including your allies. We’re running them down below:

·         Warden Agdayne

·         Creighton

·         Benhart

·         Pate

·         Cale

·         Lucatiel

·         Targray

·         Straid of Olaphis – Black Armor

·         Licia of Lindeelt – Saints Armor

·         Felkin the Hexer – Hexer Armor

·         Navlaan – Chaos Armor

Weaponsmith Ornifex:

Ornifex is hiding in the Shaded Ruins. To find her, you have to unpetrify the Lion Soldier near the Acid Cave, so that he can give you the Fang Key. You can then use the key on the locked door. Bear in mind, she looks like the Crow Demon from Demon’s Souls, but she’s on your side. Talk to her so she moves to Brightstone Cove Tseldora.

Ornifex sells unlimited items except for Herbs and Green Blossoms. The blossoms become unlimited when you beat Nashandra.

Ornifex will give you weapons after beating these bosses:

·         Old Dragonslayer

·         Lost Sinner

·         Old King

·         Duke’s Dear Freja

·         Looking Glass Knight

·         Velstadt

·         Soul of the King

·         Guardian Dragon Soul

·         Ancient Dragon Soul

·         Throne Defender and Throne Watcher

·         Old Witch, Old King, Old Dead One, and Old Paledrake

Sweet Shalquoir:

Shalquoir is in Majula. If you clear Brightstone Cove Tseldora, she’ll give you Flying Feline Boots. When you open the Shrine of Winter, she will give you unlimited supplies of Prism Stones, Alluring Skulls, Lloyd’s Talismans, and Homeward Bones.

Straid of Olaphis:

Straid is in the Lost Bastille. You have to get a Fragrant Branch of Yore and use it on the belfry bonfire, the one for the servants, to unpetrify him.

When you clear the Undead Crypt, he sells you the Great Lightning Spear and Sunlight Blade.

Straid will give you weapons after you beat these bosses:

·         The Last Giant

·         The Pursuer

·         DragonRider

·         Flexile Sentry

·         Executioner Chariot

·         Skeleton Lord

·         Covetous Demon

·         Mytha, the Baneful Queen

·         Smelter Demon

·         Demon of Song

·         Belfry Gargoyle

·         Ruin Sentinel

·         Scorpioness Najka

·         The Royal Rat Vanguard and the Authority

·         Velstadt

·         Giant Lord

·         Darklurker

·         Old Witch, Old King, Old Dead One, and Old Paledrake

Royal Sorcerer Vavlaan:

Vavlaan is located in Aldia’s Keep. He reacts to you differently whether you are in human and Hollowed form. At the very start, you can already get unlimited Great Arrows from him.

To get the assassination quests, you have to talk to him in Hollowed form.  Completing these quests will get you the Dispelling Ring, Simpleton’s Spice, Forbidden Sun, Unleash Magic, and finally, his armor.

Vengarl of Forossa’s head:

OK, you’ll actually meet Vengarl’s head here, and fight his body sometime in the game later. You can find Vengarl’s head in the Shaded Woods. You have to stick to the left in the large area populated with fog, until you find an area which has a stack of stones. His head is found in there.

Vengarl will reward you for beating his body (figure that out) by adding Red Rust Items to his items for sale.

Vengarl will give you his helmet after he runs out of all the things he can say to you.

Chancellor Wellager:

Wellager is found in Drangleic Castle. He has unlimited loot at the start, and he sells more stuff after you beat Looking Glass Knight, and again after you play New Game +++ and defeating both the Looking Glass Knight and the last boss.

Talk to him after beating the Giant Lord and you get both the Royal Dirk and the Espada Ropera.

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