Titanfall Ordnances Guide

Pilots and Titans get augmented with these Ordnances, giving them that extra edge.

This is a list of all the confirmed Ordnances in Titanfall. We will update the list if more Ordnances are revealed or added in the future.

Ordnances are secondary weapons to support your primary weapons. They can’t take the place of your 1st weapons, but they can incapacitate your enemy, slow them down, etc.

Pilot Ordnances

o   Frag Grenade

Frag grenades are all-purpose, anti-personnel weapons. They are used to clear tight spaces and areas that are not directly viewable under your line of sight. They also come with a delayed fuse, imbuing them with an adaptability for different combat situations.

o   Satchel Charge

Satchel charges stick to any surface and are detonated manually. They cause an immense amount of explosive damage within its proximity.

o   Arc Grenade

Arc grenades disrupt visual abilities of both Titans and individual Pilots caught within their blast radius.

o   Arc Mine

Arc mines can be attached to any surface, and they can also be detonated from a distance. Aside from the nominal explosive damage it causes, it can also interfere with the visual abilities of both Titans and individual Pilots, just like arc grenades.

Titan Ordnances

o   Rocket Salvo

The Rocket Salvo fires a swarm of rockets. They aren’t remotely controlled, so this is to be used for situations that call for manually aimed fire, such as taking out clustered targets.

o   Slaved Warheads

Firing from the Titan itself, this is a heavy duty Ordnance that follows your tracking reticule until it hits your purported target.

o   Cluster Missile

These missiles hit on impact, and are then followed by a shower of secondary explosive charges that swarm around the attacked area for an extended period.

o   Multi-Target Missile System

This is best for hitting several targets all at once. When you hold the Ordnance Ability control, and then target enemies with a sweeping motion to paint them. When you release the control, the missiles go after the targets that have been painted.