The Elder Scrolls Online Advanced Blacksmithing Video Guide

Here are two different videos that explain the complex crafting in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Some MMORPGs make blacksmithing a simple process. All you need is a forge and a few simple supplies to create new weapons and armor fit for your highly leveled character. However, the beta for The Elder Scrolls Online makes it pretty apparent that blacksmithing in this particular world isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes quite a bit of work to get it all figured out and thankfully, the dedicated community behind Bethesda’s latest project has created a video guide that explains how the process works.

It takes item scrounging, mathematics, and a bit of practice to actually get good at blacksmithing in this upcoming PC and next-generation project, but the developer is looking to reward the players who are willing to put the time into item creation. YouTuber Dracoboar’s first video is everything basic crafters need to know, while the second part (found below) digs into the more advanced techniques.

Look for The Elder Scrolls Online to launch on PC April 4, with the console versions hitting in June.