Loot 2.0 Patch Has Fixed Diablo III

The long awaited patch has finally arrived, making it so that the game feels like a complete experience.

For some of you, this may have come years too late, but better late than never. Blizzard has updated Diablo III with the Loot 2.0 patch, effectively fixing the game so that it’s a complete experience without any microtransactions.

Yes, it’s worth to go back in now. The biggest pet peeve of the game; the difficulty getting useful gear from loot, has been outright removed. In its place is Loot 2.0, which allocates items you get on your loot based on your character. Your character stats affect item attributes, in such a way that the chances that you get items that are suitable for your character class is much higher. This is actually an improvement over the system from Diablo II, which had you filling up your inventory with items to sell back for things you actually need.

What of the real money auction house? Diablo has pledged that it will be shutting down March 18, and perhaps Loot 2.0 has been released this far in advance in the US to prepare gradual releases in Europe and Asia, respectively. At this time, Global Play has been disabled for US players to access European and Asian regions as well, until such time as everyone gets updated with the patch.