Pavilion is a Fourth Person Puzzling Adventure for the PlayStation 4

Pavilion looks like one of the most creative games for the PS4 to date.

I don’t know for sure if it’s the world’s first “fourth person” game, but regardless of that fact, Pavilion is certainly one of the more creative endeavors in videogames I’ve seen to date.

Described as a “fourth person isometric exploratory experience” for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, the game by Visiontrick Media puts players in the role of the environment rather than a player character. According to the game’s creative director Henrik Flink, the player will use various environmental interactions to guide, influence, and even force the character to explore the game world and fulfill its purpose.

“This indirect control is essentially what we refer to when we use the term ‘fourth person’,” said Flink. “Using the term ‘forth person’ has also resulted in some interesting reactions. Some people feel it is just a buzz word while others are rather intrigued by it.

“But in the end we are happy to see people giving it a thought and talking about it.”

Check out the trailer below.