Infamous: Second Son TV Spot Might Just Make You Sick

The latest video from Sucker Punch’s PS4-exclusive title shows just how dynamic the gameplay can be.

March is going to be quite the month for next-generation games. Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes and Titanfall will brighten the day of anyone who’s already dropped the cash on the latest pieces of gaming hardware, but there’s just something about Infamous: Second Son that screams, “next-generation showpiece.” Luckily for Sucker Punch, Sony is putting its lofty marketing bucks behind the PlayStation 4 exclusive, launching a new television campaign that showcases just what players will be doing when they get their hands on Delsin’s powers.

One simple touch can lead to a crater in the streets of Seattle, and that’s exactly what this 30-second video pushes. The Infamous series has always been about giving players some idea of what it’d be like to wield real, devastating abilities since the very beginning, and it looks like Second Son is upping the gameplay ante in just about every possible way.

Look to finally sink your teeth into this major 2014 release March 21.