Divinity: Original Sin Comes This Spring

Divinity: Original SIn is getting a springtime release.

Larian Studios has announced that it will be releasing Divinity: Original Sin sometime this spring. You won't be able to carry your characters over during Early Access period, so don't worry about playing the game right away.

The game was originally set for launch this month, but was since bumped back by a few months to implement all manner of fixes based on feedback from Steam Early Access players and Kickstarter backers.

Besides the full game (only a portion of which is currently playable in Early Access) the retail version of Divinity: Original Sin is set to contain the following: “The world is growing ever more vast and more interactive, and here you’ll find a first look at some of Rivellon’s previously unseen fairytale landscapes and creatures. If you pay close attention, you’ll find that it’s not only your elemental powers, but also tempestuous weather that can shift the winds in combat.”

Watch the trailer below.