Watch Dogs In Real Life: Chicago Police Computer Predicts Crimes Before They Happen

A Chicago police computer is set up to predict crimes before they can happen.

The Chicago police have set up a computer that's akin to the system in Minority Report (sans psychic children) and the ctOS crime monitoring system in Ubisoft's upcoming game, Watch Dogs.

Basically, it's able to predict crimes by telling who will be a violent criminal. However, critics say it's nothing more than racial profiling.

The model, as it works, pulls data from existing police databases to track down potential criminals based on their relationship to individuals with criminal histories.

Unfortunately, people without a criminal past manage to find themselves on the list, as The Verge highlights in its story about one Robert McDaniel, who found himself red-flagged by the system.

Whether the system works or not is debatable, but it certainly feels inspired by science fiction.