Kojima Wants to Make a Metal Gear Game Inspired by Grand Theft Auto

The legendary creator behind the Metal Gear franchise has plenty of ideas for where the franchise could go in the future.

Hideo Kojima can’t make Metal Gear games forever. We keep hearing the legendary designer discuss his desire to move on from the popular brand and hand it off to someone younger, but here we are, still talking about the next big sequel starring Big Boss.

Speaking to Game Informer, Kojima detailed how there are plenty of other messages he wants to communicate through his game design. He’s been working with this particular stealth series for quite some time, but that doesn’t mean he’s run out of ideas for how to reach his dedicated audience.

 "I've been working in the Metal Gear franchise for over 25 years. This world has allowed me to tell a lot of the things that I wanted to say,” he explained. “That said, it has a very specific worldview and a very specific set of game elements. I'll probably be saying this until I die, but there are still more things I want to tell, more things I want to communicate, and more things I want to experiment with."

One angle Kojima seemed interested in involves a blend of the Metal Gear Solid and Grand Theft Auto.

"One thing is that within Kojima Productions I'd love to put all my efforts and time into creating a Metal Gear Solid that's kind of what [Rockstar] does with GTA,” he continued. “Unfortunately, that's not the case. It's still a business. In parallel we have to work on other projects and make things balanced towards Konami as a whole. Finding that balance with how to work on all our projects proves to be a little difficult."

Ground Zeroes is considered an open-world game, so even if we don’t get a new Metal Gear game that’s analogous to GTA, we can at least see some of what Kojima is looking to accomplish through the upcoming downloadable title.