Minecraft Xbox 360 & PS3 TU14 Screen Shows Off the New UI

Scottish developer 4J is creating Dundee’s V&A museum in Minecraft.

4J Studios, the developer of the console versions of Minecraft, posted the above image showing the UI update coming as part of TU14 for PS3 and Xbox 360 on its Twitter feed.

Last week, 4J said that development of TU14 was "going fine". Aside from the UI overhaul, TU14 adds a survival simulator called Adventure Mode. 

The emphasis here is on exploring the world, finding food, and fighting the enemies you encounter. Players can take shelter at night in villages while the new trading system which will be introduced in TU14 allows you to buy and sell items in these villages.

4J, a Scottish developer, also revealed that some of its artists are currently constructing Dundee's V&A Museum using a new Minecraft texture pack. 

The ship you can see in the image is the RRS Discovery while the museum is currently under construction at a cost of £45 million and is expected to be opened in 2016 but Minecraft players will be able to take a look long before then. 

4J Studios is currently also developing Minecraft for PS Vita, PS4, and Xbox One.