Turtle Rock Hasn’t Ruled out Evolve as a Free-to-Play Game

It won’t launch free of charge, but developer Turtle Rock still has free-to-play on the mind for Evolve.

Turtle Rock, the development team behind upcoming cooperative shooter Evolve, considered going down the free-to-play route when it was still with THQ. The game’s new publisher, 2K, sees the project as the perfect blockbuster release worthy of a retail price, but senior producer Mike Boccieri told Polygon that nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

"That is not going to change down the track, well, we never say never about almost anything," he said "But that's not anything that we have in the immediate horizon.”

The pre-order bonus is a good indication of how microtransactions could work in Evolve.

"I'm sure you have read about the pre-order bonus, which is a monster, right, so you got a sense of where that can go," Boccieri continued. "The possibilities are endless, and I think the core of what people are really excited about are that there's Hunters and monsters, so we are going to play to our strengths."

The game’s unique concept will be better sold when paired with a AAA product, according to 2K. The industry reaction has been very positive since the first reveal, so the publisher might be correct in its assumption.