Broforce Trailer is about as Bro as it Gets

I hope you like violence and the incessant use of the word "bro."

Broforce is a game where you shoot stuff. A lot of stuff. And after you’re done shooting stuff, you can cut stuff up with a sword, machete, and any other sharp object you can find. It’s full of violence, hot lead, and intimate bromances, and developer Free Lives has just announced that Devolver Digital will be publishing the 2D game.

The project will launch on Steam Early Access later next month, with a full release planned this summer. All the run ‘n’ gun action will support four cooperative players and, according to the development team, will supply players with a fresh chest carpet.

“Broforce is sure to put hair on your chest, regardless of gender, and give your neck that thick, tree stump look that is coveted by all true bros,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Hnnnnnng.”

Obviously, the developers are having a bit of fun with just how “bro” the game looks.

“We’re elated to find a publisher with enough luscious chest hair and neck girth to match up with Broforce,” said Evan Greenwood, Director at Free Lives.

Plan to bro it up when an early build of Broforce hits Steam this month.