Divinity: Original Sin Sparks Real-Life Marriage Proposal

If you were looking for a reason to feel all warm inside today, I think we found one.

Divinity: Original Sin, Larian Studios’ Kickstarted RPG, is more than just a prequel to Divine Divinity. The project allows players to create and share their own unique stories, and one of the series’ biggest fans decided to use this functionality in a unique way.

He made a story that ended with a proposal for his girlfriend.

What makes this tale even crazier is that the game hasn’t even been released yet. A delay in development forced Daniel, the man with the ring, to contact Larian Studios in order to work something out. Daniel’s girlfriend Dolores has a passion for Larian’s games, so when she was told that the couple had been invited to test the game early, she quickly obliged. What followed was a wonderful moment that might actually melt your heart on this oh-so-special Valentine’s Day.

Touching, right? Look to get your hands on all the story making when Divine Divinity launches this spring.