Titanfall Tips and Tricks Cheats Guide

We’ve got the lowdown on how to play it out on the ground and in your Titans for Respawn’s upcoming shooter.

Are you one of the lucky few Titanfall beta players? We’ve got a few tips for you on how to play Titanfall. Yes, this early!

  • First off, do you guys know why the game is called Titanfall? Titanfall is one of the special moves in the game, described by the devs as the coolest way to take out an opponent. What you want to do is be the one rodeoing an opponent in a Titan. When you successfully get them to jump out of the  Titan, you can call your own Titan to literally fall down on the scene and basically take out everyone.
  • Hold on there, you might be saying. What’s rodeoing? This is the act of getting on top of a Titan, jumping on board, and then holding X to open up its top. You can then shoot the insides to destroy the Titan and compel the pilot to come out.
  • Don’t go camping and get off the ground. That strategy won’t work here because this is not your typical linear first person shooter. The advantage goes to the payer who has the most elevation, so you’ll want to keep moving, particularly, upwards.
  • You can get out of your Titan and order it to guard an area. Therefore, your Titan can be your backup when reaching those hard to find objectives.
  • You can wall hang. If you’re wall running and hold the left trigger, you’ll bring a knife out to stick to the wall.
  • Time spent fighting while in the Titan is also time reduced from building the next Titan you will be using. Subsequently, the more damage you do while in the Titan, the more you build up your core ability.
  • Enemies can rodeo your Titan, perhaps in a bid to take it over. You can throw them off a few different ways, such as calling friends to get them off you, or opening the cockpit to take them out.
  • Flanking is really effective in Titanfall. This is a double edged sword, as not only should you be flanking enemies  when you can, but you need to be on your guard that you won’t get flanked lest your killspree ends abruptly.
  • Here’s a recommended beginner loadout, referred to in the game as a kit: You’ll want to use Powercell to recharge your tactical abilities quicker. For example, if you’re using Cloak, Powercell will allow you to switch between more rapidly and give you more Cloak time. You’ll also want to use a Minion Detector, so that you know who’s who on a mini-map at all times. Finally, the Smart Pistol locks on to your targets, working together with your main gun.
  • You will want to use the Burn Cards. These cards give you small perks that you don’t have to fill out in your kits. You can use three cards at a time, and unlock them via progressing through the game.
  • This probably seems self-evident, but you can’t take a Titan with full health when you are on the ground. You have a chance of taking one out if their health is low, but none otherwise. Better to gain leverage. The only exception is going rodeo on it.
  • Forget hip firing with rifles in this game, it just does not work. Try it and see.
  • You’ll want to take out as many pilots and AI at the start of a session as possible. This is essentially the fast-track to getting your Titan. Just doing damage is enough to give you a head start to getting a Titan, and subsequently, will give you and your team the advantage.
  • Choose your Titan’s weapons wisely. If you need something guaranteed to work, get the XO-16 Chaingun first. If you feel you have the skills and want to be better equipped, ramp up to the 40 MM Cannon or Quad Rocket.
  • Arc Grenades are highly recommended. They will kill any AIs at point blank range. They can also do some damage on Titans, disrupting their communication systems in the process. You can use this to make yourself some opportunities.
  • Learn to use the Vortex Blocker. This is basically the equivalent of a fighting game counterattack move. It absorbs the munitions that goes towards you and lets you shoot them back. Use it right and you can do incredible damage. Do it wrong and you’ll learn a lesson.
  • The Salvo Rockets, a group of shoulder fired rockets, will do big damage to enemies, assuming you are up close.
  • When a Titan’s shields are down, you go for the red spots. Obviously, these indicate vulnerable areas.
  • Regarding building your class. When using the 40 mm, get Burst Fire, and when using Accelerator get extended magazines. For Last Titan Standing, you will prefer the 40mm, since it’s easy to come in, do some  quick damage, then come back out. On Hardpoint, the Chaingun is good for fighting Pilots and Titans, particularly when going for critical hits.
  • Regarding kits, while many players are enjoying Nuclear Ejection, it’s only good if your Titan is on autopilot. Shield Regeneration is vital in actual gameplay, especially Titan vs Titan combat. Next to that, you may want to use Auto Eject, particularly if you play to survive.
  • When it comes to Ordinance / Ability, Lock-On Rockets and Vortex Shield is a combination that works. Vortex Shield in particular, is very important when taking on other Titans. Lock on rockets are the best way each one of them meets its target when using Ordinance.
  • For the Last Titan Standing metagame, the 40mm with 3 round bursts will work well against other players who use shields. The idea in this mode is choosing your shots, so this weapon is best suited towards it.
  • When playing with a friend, you can choose to either do teammate shielding or teamwork. A teammate can literally go up front to act as a tank, while you deal the most damage from behind. Team work involves smart use of the Vortex Shield, with each of you taking turns shielding and firing. The shields recharge fast enough to make this an effective tactic.
  • When do you call in your Titan? For now, there is no particular benefit to calling them in at a particular time. Whenever you can, it is a good tactical choice to come in as a Titan 1st, when you have enough of a lead that you can make sure the enemy won’t be able to call in their Titans.
  • When do you use your Vortex Shield? Here’s one tactic you can use with the Quad Rocket: attack, and then absorb damage with your shield until they put their up. Then you attack. The quad rockets will get through, so don’t worry about that. Fire until the shield turns red, and then you put up your own shield again and wait them out. They’re not likely to win out.
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