Funcom Back to Regular Routines Following Office Raids

Funcom continues development after Oslo office raids.

The staff at Funcom, developers of The Secret World, continued their regular schedule today after Okokrim officers raided Funcom's Oslo offices a few days ago.

During the raid, the Okokrim officers seized multiple boxes of documents containing years of financial records since the launch of The Secret World. The raid came with multiple charges of Funcom sharing false financial records and failing to truthfully report finical information on The Secret World. Since the raid, Funcom "continues as normal" on all game development.

Director of communications at Funcom, Erling Ellingsen, told Massively that Funcom plans to commit to its games projects and also update existing release. "Production on all Funcom games continues as normal, and the company remains fully committed to games in development as well as the continued operation and updating of existing live games," the statement reads. "[January 29th's] events is not expected to have any impact on the company's continued operation or the development on future releases."

Following the reports of the Funcom raids, the Oslo stock market halted company stock trading, but the trading has since gone back to normal.

Funcom now works to bring players the ninth update to The Secret World which sends players to Tokyo.