Battlefield 4 PC Update Adjusts Jets, Fixes Sound Loop

A new Battlefield 4 PC update fixes a number known bugs and increases jet mobility.

A new Battlefield 4 PC update arrives with a new batch of fixes and adjustments to the multiplayer.

The patch notes detail adjustments to the 20mm cannons for the Stealth Jets while also increasing its flight handling. Other jets, including the F35 and J-20, will control with more precision with its increased agility.

The patch also addresses a number of reported bugs and exploits plaguing DICE's most recent Battlefield release. A fix for a memory leak caused after level shutdowns should now prevent "out-of-memory" crashes. The patch brings dozens of other smaller fixes which DICE detailed here.

DICE and EA continue to try and resolve the dozens of issues across all platforms. While this new PC update fixes many reported issues, the console versions, specifically the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, still suffer from regular crashes or connection issues.

Until DICE can stabilize Battlefield 4 across all platforms, the studio suspended all development on future projects and multiplayer DLC.