Fans Want These Disney Villains As Kingdom Hearts 3 Bosses

We think Square Enix and Disney could take a few tips from the fans and bring these characters in to the world of Kingdom Hearts.

Kingdom Hearts fans have chimed in on which bad guys they want to see in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3.

To recap briefly, Kingdom Hearts is a series of action RPGs made by Square Enix that feature characters from the Final Fantasy and Disney universes. This has expanded beyond the animated characters to their live action movies, aside from Square Enix’s original characters. For this article, we’re going through each named character with a brief description. (Unfortunately, we’ll have to skip through Frozen since it’s too new. Go watch it if you still haven’t.)

Disney movies may no longer be your cup of tea, but some of the ideas here are pretty cool. I would love to see some live action action and for Disney to bring out Dr. Hans Reinhardt or Judge Doom myself.

In any case, get yourself a cuppa, sit down, and relax, as we run down some of the better Kingdom Hearts boss ideas we've crowdsourced for you: 

Rourke – Commander Lyle Tiberius Rourke is the villain of Disney’s 2001 film Atlantis. Atypical of most Disney villains, he isn’t outright evil or flawed from the onset, but becomes greedy and opportunistic when he discovers the underworld city is alive. A fight with Rourke would likewise be atypical Disney, and actually fitting for gaming as an Uncharted or Tomb Raider style battle.

The Horned King – While The Black Cauldron is one of the more obscure of Disney’s films, its antagonist The Horned King is a choice with merit. Based on Welsh myth, the King is essentially a lich wearing hooded robes and a crown, out to acquire the cauldron. The King has actually even appeared in a few video games. A fight against him and the Cauldron-born could be a memorable one indeed.

Yzma – Emperor’s New Groove’s villainess is a vicious schemer with plans to take the throne, but not without a sense of humor. Fighting her could involve turning into different animals throughout (and Square could make a puzzle instead of battle based boss fight)

Randall – Monsters Inc had a surprisingly epic climax battle with Randall chasing down the heroes through different doors. Similarly, a fight involving going in and out of those doors could prove to be quite the epic.

Scroop – interestingly enough, a fan wanted to bring back the world of Treasure Planet, but instead of Long John Silver, use Scroop, his 2nd in command for a boss fight. Scroop, an original character made for the movie, has a memorable fight with Jim where the gravity abruptly gets cut off, ending with him drifting into space.  A fight in outer space where you can’t keep your bearing would be an entertaining challenge.

Mo’rdu – without going into too much detail, Mo’rdu is a demon bear with a tragic secret, that is eventually uncovered by Brave’s protagonist, Meridah. There’s not much too explain to how cool it is to fight bears, right?

Turbo/Cybugs – For those who haven’t seen Wreck-it-Ralph, I’ll do you the courtesy of not revealing the big reveal of the villain in this movie, but the final fight involving the Cybugs from Heroes’ Duty and the off kilter Turbo is a blockbuster and a great one to recreate in game (which stands to reason).

Doctor Facilier – another recent supervillain, I think it’s safe to give people who haven’t seen Princess and The Frog a general description of his archetype. He’s a witch doctor, a smooth talker, and a Machiavellian manipulator, in the same mold as Hades and Ursula. He should have had you at witch doctor.

Cool stuff, right? Now that I think about it, though, some of these guys would not be completely out of place in Disney Infinity either. Anyway, Kingdom Hearts 3 has been confirmed for Playstation 4 and Xbox one, with a release date to be revealed in the future.