Final Fantasy 15: More Will Be Revealed ‘When the Timing is Right’

More details and information about the upcoming action RPG, Final Fantasy XV, will be revealed when the timing is right, says Square Enix.

It has been an age since Square Enix had anything to show of Final Fantasy XV. Previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the game was rebranded to XV at last year’s E3, and confirmed for next-generation (now current-gen) platforms like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Since then however, the publisher has remained silent on the game’s development, with nothing to announce. The game did not even make an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show last year or the Jump Fiesta, which took place this past weekend. 

Breaking the silence in an interview with Famitsu, game director and character designer Tetsuya Nomura says that the team is still focused on the game’s development and that he would like for fans to wait “until the timing is right to reveal more information.” That time isn’t now, but at least we know they haven’t given up on the game’s development. 

Given their silence, it’s hard to say what they will reveal in the coming months, but hopefully they’ll offer more than what they’ve been showing over the past eight years, since the game was first announced.