Forza 5’s Latest Update Brings New Modes With Economy Changes

Players who sprung extra for wheel controllers also get additional support.

Xbox’s official blog has new details on the new modes that came with the microtransaction adjustments in the latest update to Forza 5.

 You already know about the economy changes, so we’ll just review them here quickly and get them over with first. Xbox says the adjustments were tweaked in direct relation to player behavior they have observed from the community, aside from the direct feedback they have received. The changes make every car, even the priciest among them, within reach of every player. On the side, they have also increased Forza Rewards to active players dramatically.

Now, about the new modes: Drag Racing  and Tag Mode. Both modes ramp up multiplayer, giving players even more ways to compete with each other.

Drag Racing lets you bring tuned up cars to the Airfield in Free Play and Multiplayer, where the mode really shines. You can compete with 15 players in a single lobby with one-on-one heats. Even better, you can enter eight player drag races, with all eight cars on track at the same time. The latter will allow you to race in full-mile, half-mile, or quarter-mile tracks, with two drag racing hoppers available now: Ultimate Drag (for any class) and Ultimate Drag RWD (rear wheel drive only).

Tag is a complete deviation from traditional racing modes. This one is multiplayer only and has three variations. In Keep The It, one racer is “It”, and has to work to stay “It” as long as possible. If another racer touches “It’s” car, they become “It”. Keep The It is a timed mode, and the player who was “It” the longest wins.

In Tag Virus, we have another racer tagged “It”. This time, when “It” touches another racer, “It” gets spread to other racers. The last racer not tagged “It” wins. Remember, that means that last racer needs to have not been tagged at all. Lastly, in Pass The It, the goal is to be “It” for as little time as possible. This time, the one racer tagged “It” now wants to pass this status to other racers by touching them.

Lastly, Turn 10 has added support for force feedback wheel controllers, such as the Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel. You can now adjust maximum degree of rotation to as much as 270 degrees, as well as force feedback itself.