Kevin Pereira Rants About Battlefield 4’s Continued Issues

No one’s happy with the way Battlefield 4’s launch has been handled, but few communicate why quite like Kevin Pereira.

Battlefield 4 was broken, is broken, and feels as if it will never stop being broken. We don’t exactly enjoy reporting on patch notes after patch notes, but when a game is this hampered at launch, it seems just too important to ignore the nagging issues. People have paid $60 to beta test one of the biggest games of the year, and SuperCreative founder Kevin Pereira has come out on his podcast to bring the game down a peg for its continued failure as an entertainment product.

“Fuck EA for their typical releasing of buggy, bullshit and then charging full price for it,” he said. “This game has been out for long enough now that I should not get crashes to dashboards, I should not get servers disconnecting me, people should not be losing their single-player profiles weeks after a goddamn release.

“And then they have the fucking nerve to advertise, ‘hey guys, buy the new China Rising downloadable content… the premium members get it early…’ don’t you dare try to sell me an add-on for a game when the core foundation is built on Tapioca pudding and ones and zeroes. It’s bullshit, the game falls apart and it’s buggy. When it works? It’s amazing. I’ve had so much fun with it. Outside of that? Fuck you for charging me full price, and giving nothing in return.”

That’s one way to send your message to big publishers. Hopefully, we see an end to all the EA and DICE nonsense in the very near future.