Steam Christmas Sale Kicking Off December 19th

PayPal email reveals launch date for next round of wallet-bashing deals.

An email from PayPal sent to Official Xbox Magazine UK's Ben Borthwick and others suggests that the Steam Christmas Sale will launch on December 19th. 

The start of the sale has yet to be confirmed by Valve who will most likely launch it without fanfare but December 19th does seem like a reasonable date for the Christmas Sale to kick off. 

Yesterday, launched its Winter Sale and Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout: Tactics are currently free with a range of other promotions and discounts on offer until the sale ends. 

As of today, the first Steam Machines were released to beta testers. 300 participants have been randomly chosen in the US as part of the initial trial run.

What are you hoping to see reduced in the Steam Christmas Sale?