Terraria Digs Endlessly on PS Vita Next Week

Terraria launches on the PS Vita December 17.

PlayStation Vita owners can soon dig into the depths of Terraria's world when the game releases on the PlayStation Network next week.

Terraria first launched on the PC way back in 2011 and eventually saw a console release this past March. Vita owners can explore underground caves and build structures when Terraria launches on the PlayStation Network on December 17. Players who own the PlayStation 3 version can use the Cross-Play feature to transfer saves between the Vita and the PS3.

The Facebook post mentions the Cross-Play feature, but this does not confirm if PS3 owners automatically receive a free download for the PS Vita versions. For the PlayStation 4 launch, Sony enabled Cross-Buy feature for other titles such as Sound Shapes, Flower and Escape Plan.

For more information on Terraria's PS Vita release, 505 urge players to follow the PlayStation blog.