Latest Battlefield 4 Update Causing Crashes On PCs And Next Gen Consoles

Players who were still able to play before now experiencing terrifying freezes and complete lockdowns. Read the details here.

Unfortunately, player’s struggles with Battlefield 4 continues, as somehow DICE’s latest update has ruined it for people who were able to play the game before it.

One player cites they had to endure a crash after five to six games, and after then he could come back in immediately. After the update, the game freezes every time he loads the map, irregardless if he goes to the campaign, the test range, or multiplayer. Even worse, this is not the kind of error which prompts a restart. The game freezes the PC to the point that Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing, and he has to use the hard reset button.

Other players are chiming in with their complaints. One says they get disconnected from the server for every game. Others are also experiencing full lockdowns from their PCs.

One complainant goes out of their way to name the PS4, pointing out that within the span of a week, the game has become unplayable on their new system. Certain modes crash and lag, 3D screens go blurry, and the sound cuts out. Two replies following up on it confirm the Xbox One version is also experiencing issues.

Overall, most players’ issues seem to revolve around crashes, either leading to game freezes, or complete computer lockdowns. Somebody found limited success switching settings to run as administrator, only to run across the same issues again.

At this point, I just feel bad for having to report DICE somehow managed to create more problems, but as always, the loyal players are the biggest victims in this situation. We can only hope DICE manages to turn things around fast enough so that they can release future content as scheduled.