Sony Investigating PSN Outages Related to European PS4 Launch

Plenty of people now have new PS4s in their homes, causing the Network to take a major hit in stability.

Congratulations, Europe! You’re finally able to join the conversation and purchase Sony’s latest PlayStation 4 console. The new wave of next-generation hardware finally feels like a global phenomenon, but with a greater number of territories comes even heavier traffic for online services to deal with. So, as you’d guess, the PlayStation Network is currently experiencing some serious issues that are preventing some new console owners from having too much fun.

That doesn’t meant that the service is completely down for all users, but Sony is aware that a segment of the audience is currently unable to connect and play their games online. Here’s what PlayStation Europe has to say about the problem:

“We are aware some users are experiencing issues logging into PSN on PS4 due to the heavy traffic we are receiving,” the account Tweeted. “We're investigating.”

If you’re having issues, stay tuned. The team is doing its best to fix them.