Give8Bit YouTube Channel Will Show Players How to Give While Gaming

A new YouTube channel is coming to support the good deeds of the most charitable gamers.

Looking to stay updated on charitable events related to the gaming industry? Give8-bit is here to help you out. Playmob, the London and San Francisco-based technology company leading charitable fundraising in games through its unique platform, has created a new YouTube channel meant to keep gamers informed on the impact of this great medium, as well as contribute with their own unique ideas. This means that anyone interested in giving can both join like-minded individuals as well as see the impact of the charitable actions.

So, when can you start getting involved? The launch of the channel will correspond with GamingTuesday on Dec. 3, which also runs alongside Giving Tuesday. This is an annual day for giving back, known to be one of the busiest days for people to be online, and to be giving back for the Christmas season.  

The channel will have instructions for people who want to lend a helping hand to those in need, as well as a ticker showing how much has been raised. In addition, charity videos displaying the direct impact gamers are having will be included over time. It’s a big, admirable effort, and one that you should pay attention to in the coming weeks.