PS3 Will Continue to be Supported for Years to Come Says Sony

There’s still a ‘good bit of content’ coming to the seven year old console.

Sony's vice president of product marketing, John Koller, has told Polygon that the PlayStation 3 will continue to be supported for years to come despite the launch of the PS4.

"The PS3 support plan is very similar to what we did with PlayStation 2, in that we think that consoles have long lives, and as long as content keeps coming to the system, then we'll continue to support it. It's the fuel in the engine. And there's a good bit of content that's coming to the PS3 still."

Koller added that while the majority of Sony's first party titles will be released on PS4 going forward some internal games will make it to PS3.

"[Worldwide Studios], our first-party mandate, is to support all of our platforms, but they're particularly focusing heavily on PlayStation 4 right now. So they're going to continue to support PlayStation 3, but you'll see a majority of the titles launching for PlayStation 4. We've obviously talked about some of the titles to come, and when you're looking at PlayStation 4 side, titles like The Order and Uncharted, those are obviously big investments to be made."

He went on to stress that PS3 owners shouldn't worry about the PlayStation Network being turned off on the device in the immediate future. 

"If we're seeing continued long play patterns, obviously the Network becomes extremely relevant, and very, very viable for many years. So yeah, I think that's something that's going to be long running. We showed it even way back on PlayStation 2, with some of our early games like SOCOM, we kept those servers alive for many years. Similarly, I think we'd do the same thing here. The Network is part of our strategy for PS3, part and parcel with the success that I think we'll have on that platform going forward."

Those who have recently picked up a PS3 or are looking to get one as a gift this Christmas will have new experiences headed their way, Koller concluded. 

"There's a road map that we have going forward. It's about the promise of what's to come when you buy that platform. We wouldn't continue selling hardware if we couldn't answer that promise that there's continued, great hardware experiences for that consumer to come after their purchase."

PlayStation boss Andrew House has discussed the Xbox One's original policies in an interview earlier today both new consoles are now available in most key markets.