Battlefield 4 Servers to Get Vehicle Respawn, Team Ticket Control Options

Battlelog developer also addresses several inquiries and issues on Reddit.

Battlelog developer DarkLord7854 (a pseudonym, obviously) has come up on Reddit to reveal new options coming to Battlefield 4.

Under server details, you will now be able to control Team Ticket Count and Vehicle Respawn Delay percentages. These options join Allow Public Spectators, Reload Full Mags, 3D Vehicle Cam, Team Balance, Use Minimap Spotting, Use 3D Spotting, Only Squad Leader Spawn, Player Respawn Time in %, Bullet Damage Modifier in %, Vehicles, Kill Cam, Friendly Fire, Ban Player After # of Kicks, Hit Indicator, Kick Idle Player After Seconds, # of TK Before Player is Kicked, Show HUD, Show Minimap, Regenerative Health, Allow Commanders, Player Health in %, and Show Enemy Name Tags.

Subsequently, under advanced settings, you can choose to click on, off, or both on certain options, including Only Squad Leader Spawn, Vehicles, Friendly Fire, Team Balance, Kill Cam, 3p Vehicle Cam, Use 3D Spotting, Use Minimap Spotting, Regenerative Health, Show HUD, Show Minimap, and Show Enemy Name Tags.

DarkLord7854 has also addressed several inquiries on the thread, explaining scoreboards should be coming back to Battlelog in the next server release (probably R11), hinting at larger ticket servers in the future, and finally, confirming that DLC weapons are going to be added to Battlelog. He also addressed general inquiries and promised to have DICE look up bugs players have shared that they have not found yet on their own.

DICE has shown a commitment to keeping communications and support open on Reddit. Even if Battlefield 4 does not turn out to be the threat to Call of Duty it was cracked up to be, it will still be widely played if they keep this up.