Battlefield 4 Under DDOS Attack On PC

EA has confirmed attack, explaining that it is affecting both multiplayer and soldier stats and they are currently taking action against it

DICE has confirmed in their official Battlelog forums that Battlefield 4 is currently experiencing DDOS attacks, and they are busy mitigating the situation.

Players noticed the server crash 15 hours ago and DICE issued a clarification an hour after that. DICE confirms in their statement as well that the attack is affecting both PC multiplayer and soldier stats.

Of course, fans aren’t happy and are not shy about expressing their displeasure towards DICE. Some players are calling for patience and understanding considering the circumstances.

Others are also putting forward serious allegations that some overzealous fans, unhappy with a perceived failure to provide more content than desired, themselves orchestrated the attack. These fans cite previous incidents with Mojang, where fans were unhappy that title updates were arriving slowly for Minecraft, and orchestrated an attack similar to what they believe happened here.

If true, such an action is counterproductive, and the last thing both DICE and the Battlefield fans need. The team has been hard at work refining the game to deal with all the tiny bugs that get reported, and now they have to put all of that on hold, as they deal with controlling and reversing the actions of the DDOS attack.

For the moment, since the attack is affecting player stats, it may be prudent to not attempt to go online while the system is being fixed. For those of you who have it, it may be preferable to play the game on consoles for now until DICE gives word they have taken care of it.