What Is The Best Carbine In Battlefield 4? Preliminary Investigations

We run down each gun’s qualities, before any of DICE’s tweaks, to figure out the best carbine to use right now.

What is the best carbine in Battlefield 4? This video takes a first look at each one to make an initial judgement. As always, we have the video to watch here and a summary below.

The AK5C has a decent rate of fire, quick reload speed whether the magazine is full or empty, good hip firing spread and very accurate and easy to control. In essence, it has everything you would want in a carbine. Because its rate of fire is just right, the gun makes it easy to take down enemies at medium range.

The ACWR has a very high rate of fire, basically allowing it to mow down everything at short range. The flip side to this is that it falters at hitting enemies at medium range. It also has quick reload time and good hip firing spread, but watch out for the recoil. Misgivings aside, it’s an OK carbine.

The SG553 is as facile as the AK5C, and practically the same gun. It has a higher rate of fire than the AK5C, making it a little better for close combat and a little worse for medium range.

The MKU12 has a low rate of fire, making it unsuitable at short ranges. You can compensate for this by going steady at full auto in short  to medium range, and if you are careful, and lucky, you could even get someone at long range. It has slow reload speed when the magazine is almost out.

The A91 has a higher rate of fire, much like the ACWR, but it reloads slower and has a lower rate of fire. It does have better hip firing accuracy, and strikes a better chance of hitting medium targets than the ACWR.

The ACE 52 CQB is another versatile carbine, with the advantage of pure power. It has 26 rounds in its magazine, with one in the chamber, and does 45 damage per bullet, making it far more lethal.

The G36C is again, another gun that’s good at pretty much everything required of a carbine. Easy to learn and use, and comes recommended.

The M4 is the only carbine which does not have fully automatic mode. If you can shoot out very quickly at single fire/burst mode and keep your accuracy, you can still be effective at both short and medium ranges. However, the gun can jam on you if you press the buttons too rapidly. It also happens to have quick magazine reload time.

The ACE 21 CQB has 21 rounds per magazine, with each bullet doing 30 damage, at 780 rounds per minute, and good hip firing, which makes it a good close quarters gun. It also has good accuracy for medium range, although its recoil is too high for long ranges.

Lastly, the Type 95 B-1 is not recommended. It is useless at close combat, although you can find some use for it at medium range. However, its low reload speed and low rate of fire makes it a poor choice. Basically, if it came down to it, you should choose any other carbine except this one.